Throwing Exceptions

Now that we've all slept on it, I'd like to point out what a bogus phrase "the recent tragedy" is. Every single day on Earth, 60,000 people die of starvation. 20,000 of those are children. Every 29 seconds, the same number of humans are dying from not having enough food as died during "the recent tragedy". Limit it to only children, and it's still under two minutes. Every two minutes. Those numbers above are for death from starvation. According to the World Health Organization, diarrhoeal disease kills 1.5 million children a year. That's 4100 a day, or 200 times the number that died in Connecticut. 4100 the day before the shooting. 4100 the day of. 4100 today. 4100 tomorrow. That's the president of the USA crying on national television 200 times every single sunrise. It's important, through all of this, to remember the truth, sad though it is: large numbers of humans dying unnecessarily simply isn't an exceptional occurrence. A few other facts to consider:
  • Obama's drone strikes have killed over five times as many children as were murdered in Connecticut.
  • The USA's war budget (for just one year) could easily fund sufficient food supplies for every child in the developed world—for several years.
  • Every day, around 80 people die in car crashes caused by drunks - in the USA alone.
Please take a moment to consider the scale of the problem of easily preventable human deaths on this planet, and ponder for a moment your effective options for helping solve them. Before you make suggestions, stop and think if your ideas are going to have a meaningful effect at the scale necessary to move the needle. Rather than going pro- or anti- this or pro- or anti- that on Twitter and Facebook, I encourage you to take a moment to visit Action Against Hunger and set up a monthly recurring donation. A very tiny amount of contribution from a very statistically small percentage of the first world could easily save hundreds of thousands of lives over the next few years. Food is vanishingly inexpensive, and if you're reading this, it means you have money to spare (on the "starvation" scale of prices). Stop freaking out over something that only seems exceptional, keep your head about you, remember scale, and start doing something meaningful to make a change for the better on Earth. PS: It would be nice if you would also limit your proposed solutions to these problems to things that do not infringe upon the basic rights of others.