Location Privacy Round Two: Apple iMessage photo location leak

Yesterday, I posted about how when you post a photo to Path, if the photo was taken with the Camera app (with location privileges), Path (until today's update) would post the location of the image even when location privileges were disabled for Path, due to pulling the EXIF data out of the photo itself. (Further reading: c|net, NYTimes, Ars, Gizmodo) Turns out, Apple's iMessage on iOS does the exact same thing. Take a photo in the Camera app, and send it to someone with iMessage using the Messages app, and it includes the gps location inside the image's EXIF tags. If you take a photo within the Messages app, it won't. All of this is entirely invisible to the user. (Apple, if you really think we INTEND to share location data of photos, why don't photos taken inside of Messages include our location in EXIF tags, too?) I have, today, filed this bug with Apple: rdar://13140382
Vendors, listen up: Unless explicitly confirmed by your user, sharing a photo does not mean we wish to share the location that photo was taken.
To easily verify on a Mac running Mountain Lion (10.8+):
  1. Receive an iMessage with a photo that was taken in iOS Camera (iMessage "Choose Existing"), not the Messages app directly
  2. On OSX, right-click that photo and select "Open" - it will open in Preview.app
  3. In Preview.app, Tools -> Show Inspector
  4. Second Inspector pane, Info
  5. Third Info tab, GPS (will not appear if photo is lacking location EXIF tags)
  6. Latitude/Longitude of photo are displayed, alternately click "Locate" button to open in Google Maps